How to pay

There are two methods of payment
1)      Paypal:

2)      Banking service :                  

A) For credit to:Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkhlo
Swift code:SICOTHBK
Further credit to:Wien International Co., Ltd.
Account number:095-2000-148


B) For credit to:Bangkok Bank, Ratchada Si Yaek Sathupradit
Swift code:BKKBTHBK
Further credit to:Wien International Co., Ltd.
Account number:195-023-8004

Kindly include USD30.00 as overseas bank charges per remittance or instruct your bank that you undertake to absorb such charge. We will ship the order as soon as we have been notified by our bank that the payment has been received. If the payment is not received within one week from the time the transfer was to be made, all goods being held for the order will be released and the order will be cancelled.



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