We are dedicated to create good fitting innerwear with many years of experience. We are very proud that our lingerie products help women have beautiful breast shape and be happy with their shape. At present, the company owns three brands target to different group of customers. They are:

WIENNA - Solutions for your secrets

Known as leading brand in Thailand, Wienna was created in 1987 by Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited. It started as a lingerie brand selling through catalogue sales in Thailand. Over the years, Wienna has become widely accepted by women through their word of mouth as comfortable piece with same quality as leading brand.

Wienna positions itself as functional products serving customers to all types of breast shapes from cup A to G with sizes 65 to 100. Wienna offers a wide range of designs, colors and sophisticated lingerie in the mid to high price segment. Wienna is perceived as good fitting bra, high quality products that have distinctive concept to other competitive brands. Its core products include brassieres, panty, girdles, body suits, long bra, and night wears. Wienna is now selling in Australia and many Asean countries and in Middle East such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc.



Full Moon bra by Wienna:  Designed for fuller bust

Full Moon bra was created in late of 2017. It is a premium quality brand that offers an exclusive selection of bras from cup D to G size 70-85. Through findings from research and development team, Full Moon bras have meticulously designed to support, lift and fit neatly, comfortably. They provide three functional benefits that are shown in below.

1)  Air space
Seamless cups with breathable pad (air pad) for easy air flow and rapid dry.

2) Ultra Smooth
Wider band in V or U shape helps to smooth wearing comfort and keep surplus at rear.

3)  Gravity Curve
Innovative pattern at cup base and wider straps to comfortable support large features to look well balance.

Full Moon name represents the beautiful round shape of big breasts. It has variety of designs with elegant lace that come in many new collections every year. Full Moon brand is sold at lingerie counters of leading department stores and all WIENNA shops in Thailand.




L’VEDA Prive’ is Wienna’s sister brand. It targets towards a younger customers than Wienna. The product features with basic colored bras, fashionable designs with playful or multi-way straps and plenty of camisoles, baby dolls for adjust to young executive dress up lifestyle.

The brand was intended to serve needs of active outgoing ladies who follow trendy fashion. L’VEDA Prive’s first collection was launched in 2014 from outerwear and has been extending our product lines to lingerie more in the late 2015.

L’VEDA Prive’ lingerie truly feeling adore about a concept of pearl which refers to women beauty, magnificent, and classy by natural looks from inside out.

We serve private clients who truly super conscious working women who work hard, play harder and dedicated on her role young executive.

We believe that whatever arts are expressing all wearers involved should feel truly confident on it. This expression requires respect, believe, friendship, and sincerely as beauty shape style bible for all ladies. Our core believes is inter-being we are not massive product driven, but we are specialist exclusively driven.

Our goal is that, together our customers and expertise will reach higher consciousness through the fashion and express women’s FIT FULL FIRM with smart beauty from L’VEDA Prive’ collection. 
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