Why should I buy Wienna?

Wienna products are comfortable and durable. They are made to last for long time. Many items still maintain its effectiveness to control shape although they are worn for five years.

When we create a new design, we will make four pieces of each size and pass them to women for trial. All wearers will wear this new design for two months. Then, they will do the questionnaire and put their comments on fitting in details. The questions will cover how they feel after wearing, which part (area) that goes damage easily, etc. The results from every wearer will combine and summarize.  If the results are negative, our patterners and designers will drill down in details on area (part) that is frail and uncomfortable. They will work together and adjust pattern or change materials to ensure its effectiveness and durability. The 2nd version of new design will make and resend to same group of women for trial again. This process takes 4 months before we are confident to launch this new design to the market. 

With above things we do for WIENNA products, our customers are satisfied with wearing the brand. There are more than 50 designs that are repeated for two to three decades. Most have more than 6 colors in a month. This fact confirms that our customers have trust in the brand which have been existing in Thailand for more than 34 years.

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